Frequently Asked Questions about flooring

Should I choose wood, laminate or a decorative vinyl tile?

Firstly it all depends on the room you have chosen to lay your floor. As with your kitchen or bathroom these would not be suitable due to the moisture or condensation which can affect the wood or laminate. For these rooms I would choose the waterproof vinyl tile as the best choice.

Secondly in a large area such as a lounge it is down to your personal preference as laminate flooring is advancing in the wear layer as we make better and more durable laminates. Also the laminate or vinyl tile can be made to look like real wood, however it is no where near as soft as real wood which can also be sanded down for a perfect finish. Price wise laminates generally tend to be cheaper.

What is the secret to a good laminate floor?

Firstly people think it is down to how THICK the laminate is. However its really down to:-

1. The locking system this is where the boards click together. We recommend the best on the market for a trouble free flooring future, the best two I have found are the 'Uniclic' loc system and mega lock, however Uniclic is definitely the best of the best.

2. Secondly your sub floor MUST be completely level to support a 10-15mm laminate, having the thickest laminate does not mean its the best if your sub floor has not been prepared correctly to be even. Sometimes it is better to go with a 8mm board as it will glide more smoothly over uneven surfaces. The experience of your fitter comes into play as he can best advise the correct type of flooring to be used on the surface in question.

How do I keep my newly laid floor clean?

1. With the vinyl tile you may mop with water as much as you like as it is designed to be waterproof.

2. With wood and laminate I would advise you to use a wood or laminate floor cleaner in the form of a spray which is specially designed for the purpose.

3. If you need to wet mop using water this should only be done very lightly with a tightly squeezed mop and dried after. So you get the longest wear out of your floor and extend the flooring life to its fullest potential, too much mopping can cut the floor life in half.

Will you cut under my architraves and lay flooring underneath the skirting boards?

We will cut under architraves on every job, using wood and laminate. With the vinyl tiling we cut right to the architraves. Some people think you can cut under skirting boards this is not so, we would have to remove the skirting board and replace with new or reuse the old skirting board. There is also the option of beading this only applies for wood and laminate. With vinyl tiling once again we cut right up to the skirting board.

How can I best protect the new flooring against damage?

Use felt padded coasters which can be obtained from any DIY or supermarket store. When moving any furniture always lift and never slide. With real wood high heels are not advised as they WILL dint the floor immediately. For the best scratch resistant flooring choose a solid vinyl tile which is compressed tightly to the floor. Of course it goes without saying you should mop up all spillages right away and never use heavy detergent. Take care of your wood and it will last you a long time.